Why You Should Start A Blog Today

Besides making money, there are many benefits to blogging. In this post, I’m going to discuss some benefits of blogging and why you should start one today!

This post will contain foul language. Sorry, but not sorry. I didn’t start this blog to solely make money. I want to help others make money online and escape the 9-5 and I live life on my own terms.

Employees are shackled by giant machines (corporations) that can easily replace us – stuck in a cycle of debt, and must keep feeding the machines to survive.

Unfortunately, most do not thrive, and some suffer serious breakdowns. Blogging is one way to escape.

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Below is why you should start a blog today!


Make Money While You Sleep

Most people create blogs to make money. Others create blogs to have an online journal, such as a diary to express their thoughts in writing.

But wouldn’t it be cool to wake up tomorrow with a few extra hundred dollars in your pocket?

Remember, when you’re creating a blog or anything online, you’re creating an asset. An asset is just a property that you own. This property may be worth something if you keep grinding and persevere.

Most blogs can succeed unless you’re in an obscured niche like knitting for kittens. Even then, you can still make money if you’re entertaining, funny, or providing something of value.

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Blogging Will Make You a Better Person

Social media is all the rage these days and some no-talent asshole can be a public figure. All they have to do is create a social media page and label themselves as one. I find this hilarious.

Welcome to the world of instant gratification and fake celebrities. Blogging will teach you to have patience, discipline to write consistently, learn new things, and introspection.

You will also learn a lot about yourself and the world around you. Leave your ego at the door.

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Writing and Communication Skills

Having a blog will improve your writing tremendously. You will learn new ways of organizing your thoughts, complete with an introduction, body, and conclusion. You’ll look-up grammar rules and use proper punctuation.

Quite possibly the most important skill is communication in the real world. Unless you’ve isolated yourself somewhere, you’ll need to communicate with others. And writing is a form of communication.

These are the two most important skills in life. A plumber with exceptional writing and communication skills will always get paid more than one who doesn’t possess these skills.

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Blogging Gives You a Voice

There are some things you just can’t talk about, like discussing salary with co-workers. It creates friction and not good for business. In your blog, you can voice your opinion.

You can talk about whatever you like. Some readers will not like you. But if you’re not pissing someone off, then you’re probably not doing anything important anyway.

Who knows, maybe you’re the new voice that this world needs right now. The world can use more people like you.

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Doors of Opportunities Will Open to You

They say your network is your net worth and it’s 100% true.  You’ll come to see that your income will increase with the more people you meet.

And if you want your blog to get anywhere, you’ll have to reach out to other bloggers to build backlinks.

But this is a great thing. You get to meet new people, form relationships and help each other out.

Isn’t this what life is all about? In time, many doors of opportunities will open to you. Someday you might even get to choose which door you walk through.

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Possibility of Financial Freedom

This is what I enjoy most about blogging. If you don’t think a blog can make good money, you’d be wrong. Check out these multi-million dollar bloggers.

Wouldn’t it be cool to never have to work for someone else again? Sleep in and wake up when you want, travel the world if you like, and do things you actually enjoy!

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Blogging is business and businesses require patience, perseverance, and delayed gratification. Blogging will teach you these skills and many more.

One of my goals is to free more people from the slavery of giant machines (corporations) which have shackled our freedom. Leave a comment or email me at info@onlinebizempire.com for any questions or concerns.

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